Understand Your Mind for Successful Golf

“Train Your Brain for Success*

By developing a complete understanding of how the mind works and how our universal laws operate, you will come to know and clearly see how important it is to be aware and conscious of your thoughts.

In any sport you must train your mind as well as your body. All movement in the body occurs as the result of a thought in your mind first. To understand what mental golf means, it is helpful to know how your mind functions. The law of attraction states: “Those thoughts that we think about most become their physical equivalents.” Or, in simpler terms, like attracts like. If you knew how powerful your thoughts were, you would never again speak a negative thought.

You have probably heard the popular saying: Golf is ninety-nine percent mental, and the other one percent is in your mind. While it may be humorous, the statement means playing to your peak performance by using your golf mind to maximize your physical abilities.

The Subconscious Mind Runs Your Body 

Scientists have shown that 95-98 percent of your life is beyond your conscious awareness and is stored in your subconscious. It is like Google or other search engines where all the information is kept in files.

Your subconscious mind has been described as the world’s most powerful computer. But your subconscious mind, like your computer, can only operate on the programming or software that is installed inside it. The information that comes out of the subconscious mind is exactly as it was put in. It doesn’t analyze, judge, or rationalize the information as the conscious mind does. Translated to golf—whatever you imagine, you are going to produce in your golf shot.

In simple terms, your subconscious mind is like a computer: GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). Whatever you program in, you will get out. When you send a request to the subconscious mind, it will automatically give you what you asked for. But if you begin to worry that it is not happening, you have then sent a new request, which will override the first one as it is filled with emotion.

Choose What You Desire to Happen 

Words create pictures in your mind. The pictures you create with your words, imagination, and visualization are recorded into your memory banks. This is the internal representation of your outside world. You can take control of your life and your golf game by choosing which thoughts you are putting into the data bank of your computer mind.

Dreams and hopes don’t become reality unless you use your energy to make them come true. The stronger your internal representation is of what you want, the easier it will be to produce the golf shots you want.

Remember to let go control of thinking; allow the subconscious mind to perform the dream pictures you have installed. The key here is not only relaxing your conscious mind but also your physical body so there is no interference to playing at your peak potential.”

*Excerpts are from Chapter 2: Understand Your Mind; “THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances”

Now available on www.createspace.com/6307102

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2 Responses to Understand Your Mind for Successful Golf

  1. Virginia Eamer says:

    Thanks for such a well written book, “The Heart of Golf”. It makes so much sense when you understand the whole picture. It can be applied to so many other areas of our lives.

    • Joan says:

      Thank you Virginia for letting me know that “The Heart of Golf” has helped you to better understand your growth in life and in golf. Please keep me informed of your progress.
      With my best wishes for your successes,

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