Sergio Garcia Changed his Mental Game to Win the Masters

If you watched the Masters on Sunday you were privileged to watch the transformation that had occurred within Sergio Garcia, the 2017 Master Champion.

Sergio began his professional career at the age of 19. He has superb talent and a brilliant career with 30 international wins. However, his petulant attitude kept him from winning a major tournament. Always wearing his emotions on his sleeve, he vacillated between celebrations and whining. Every time he had an opportunity to win and didn’t, he blamed his losses on bad breaks and the golf Gods who he thought were out to get him.  Because of his poor attitude he was the subject of intense heckling by the fans and criticism from his fellow players.

His Masters post talk interview revealed a different Sergio. He was at peace with himself, in love and looking forward to a life beyond golf. He said, “I was able to deal with the emotions the whole week, and accept the good things and the bad things and move on and keep going. It gives me a sense of extra proudness.” He credited his good friends with telling him what he needed to hear about himself instead of what he wanted to hear.  His fiancé Angela helped to change his mind, “All week we were talking about he could do this, he could do this. His mindset is great.”

“Everything is helped by what happens outside the golf course,” Garcia said. “Things have been much better. I have felt comfortable and I’m trying to do things the right way and take things the right way and not let it bother me as much as it did earlier in my career when things weren’t going well.”

At age 37, Garcia has learned and applied the life lessons that will bring him the success and happiness that we all desire. He said, “We get older and we learn from mistakes, and I’ve made my share but I think I’ve learned from them.”

In order to be successful you have to process out your underlying feelings of inadequacies, angers, and fears. Release yourself from these feelings and let go of the attachment to your doubts. Don’t be afraid of allowing yourself to be more than you have ever been before. This is your life and your game.

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