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What did we learn from Sergio Garcia’s missed 4-inch putt?

Unlike other sports, the game of golf can be played in multiple different game formats. In Stroke Play, the lowest number of strokes taken determines the winner. In Match Play one golfer plays against another and each hole is a … Continue reading

2019 Rules of Golf Modernized

There are now three versions of The Rules of Golf: The standard “full length” Rules book. The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf (for rules officials and committee members). The Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf. In consultation … Continue reading

What are your golf intentions for 2019?

“Create Your Future With Your Intention* Based on your present conscious intentions, you determine what your future will be. You have the ability to create whatever you wish to experience. When you choose your intention, you have started the creative … Continue reading


The New Year has begun and no matter where you live, now would be a grand time to do something different. Begin the magical process of creating the golf game that you have always dreamed of having. I have enjoyed … Continue reading


As 2018 comes to a close, I would like to thank you for being a reader of my mental golf blog. It is my mission to offer emotional and mental support on and off the golf course so you can … Continue reading

Manage your anger and frustration on the golf course

The following article was published this week on Womens Golf emagazine at 4 Ways to Manage Your Anger and Frustration on the Golf Course Try these proven mental strategies from Joan King the next time you feel your anger, stress, and … Continue reading

What do you do when you get the first-tee jitters?

The players in the Ryder Cup say that teeing off at the first hole the first time is the most frightening experience they have ever had. The Ryder Cup is no ordinary tournament. This year’s Ryder Cup was EXTRAordinary. The … Continue reading

How good is your golf course management?

PLAN AHEAD FOR GOOD GOLF COURSE MANAGEMENT Do you have a presupposition about the toughness of the golf course you are going to play? Are you visually intimidated by the many water holes, fairway bunkers, tree-lined fairways, mounds, railroad ties, … Continue reading

Take the fear out of important putts

The winners of the 2018 Ryder Cup matches were once again determined by the most important putts made at the most crucial times. Over and over again we watched the American team miss make able putts to lose holes. In … Continue reading

Life Lessons Learned on the Golf Course

I remember as a beginner the hardest part of learning to hit the golf ball was getting all the parts of my body moving together. This was an unnatural movement as it was done sideways like hitting a baseball, but … Continue reading