Mental Golf Coaching

There are currently 200 golf courses under construction in China. In the United States more golf courses are closing than are being constructed.

Korea, China and Japan have national programs to develop golfers. There are thousands ready now to play on the professional tours.

The PGA Tour holds 46 events and donates $100 million each year to local charities. The PGA Tour is expected to surpass $1 billion in charitable giving this year.

The Champions Tour and the Nationwide Tour each hold 26 tournaments.  Combined with the PGA Tour the number of charities that receive benefits from these three tours is over 2,000.

Professional golf is now more international than ever. The LPGA will hold 25 tournaments and 12 of the events will be held outside of the United States.

In 2016 the Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at a cost of US$14.4 billion. After the city was accepted, golf was included in the venue. In order to be included, the top players in the world had to agree to play in it. This will expose the game to the non-golf public and will help to grow the game internationally.

The PGA, the Professional Golf Association of America has 28,000 club pros and is the largest working sports organization in the world.

The USGA, the United States Golf Association which is the governing body of golf in the US has 9500 member clubs. The USGA holds 20 individual and team championships. The R&A, The Royal & Ancient St. Andrews governs golf in the rest of the world. It holds 11 international championships and matches.

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