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Do you put pressure on yourself to win?

 The golf media is always promoting the newest best golfer who hasn’t won a major. This keeps changing as the last four major championships have been won by players who had previously never won a major championship. The latest was … Continue reading

Use Your Imagination to Hit Better Golf Shots

“In a 1929 interview published in The Saturday Evening Post, Albert Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Einstein developed his theory of relativity while he was doodling, daydreaming, and letting his imagination roam the universe. Whatever you can … Continue reading

Do you have control of your emotions on the golf course?

“Manage Your Emotions*  Emotions show what you are thinking about yourself and your golf game. It is the key to understanding and knowing yourself as an individual. It is your heart speaking through your emotions signaling a call to action … Continue reading

How did Jordan Spieth pull off a miracle win at The Open?

The inner conversation you have with yourself determines whether you will be successful or not. After winning The British Open at Royal Birkdale on Sunday, Jordan Spieth described his conversation with himself; “Before the round, I thought I have a … Continue reading

Do you know how to stay calm under pressure?

Golfers at all levels have pressure at some time on the golf course. Stressful situations can either work for you or against you. If you try too hard it will interfere with your rhythm and coordination and you will lose … Continue reading


Alexander Victor Schauffele, the rookie PGA Tour player known as Xander Schauffele carded a three-under 67 Sunday, finishing at 14-under par to win the 2017 Greenbrier Classic by one stroke ahead of Robert Streb. The 23-year-old started the final round … Continue reading

What are you thinking that causes inconsistent swings on the golf course?

Amateur and professional golfers alike are frustrated when they hit balls well on the practice range and then play poorly on the golf course. What is different on the golf course? The nice and smooth, compact, rhythmic swing on the … Continue reading

Do you focus on the process or the outcome when playing golf?

“Outcome vs. Process Thinking* Focusing on the process means staying in the moment, concentrating on one shot at a time, and thinking only about the things you can control. Process-oriented golfers know they cannot control anything outside of themselves. Process-oriented golf … Continue reading

How can I handle a “bad day” on the golf course?

If frustration with your golf game turns into anger, your situation will become worse. Anger is only a temporary motivator resulting from a fear of failure. Anger releases the hormone adrenaline causing your muscles to tighten. Tight muscles produce a … Continue reading

Do you need help with your mental golf game?

It has been my pleasure to share my insights into the mental game of golf from decades of research and personal experience from competing in national and international amateur women’s golf championships. The information I have written about is entirely … Continue reading