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Breathe Your Way to Better Golf

 The best state for performing to your golf game potential is when your body is relaxed and your mind is alert and focused. Deep breathing is the way to access this state. “Natural Relaxed Breathing*  THE WAY YOU breathe can … Continue reading

Plan your golf and play your plan

Plan your work and work your plan, is a mental strategy you can develop to improve your golf performances. Since golf is a game, I choose to use the word play instead of work. Even if you have played your home … Continue reading

Prepare now for your return to the golf course

Daylight Saving Time has sprung forward giving golfers an extra hour of daylight to play golf. It also means that now is the time to prepare mentally and physically for your return to the golf course. When you have not … Continue reading

How can I concentrate in the moment on the golf course?

“OUTCOME VS. PROCESS THINKING* Focusing on the process means staying in the moment, concentrating on one shot at a time, and thinking only about the things you can control. The process-oriented golfer knows he cannot control anything outside of himself. … Continue reading

Indecision is a mental challenge for golfers

The decisions we make in our lives reflect the choices we make. This is especially true on the golf course. Although we have hit each club in the bag hundreds of times, every situation on the course requires a new … Continue reading

How to manage your scoring expectations on the golf course

Have you ever played a round of golf without making a mistake? Tour Pros who are the best golfers in the world, average hitting fairways only 60% of the time.  Amateur scratch golfers average 10.26 greens hit per round. However, … Continue reading

How can I have more control in my golf game?

Breathe deeply for greater relaxation and focus  Breathing is the number one key to having more control of your body. In the Olympics we saw Lindsey Vonn taking short rapid breaths which caused an adrenalin rush to increase her energy … Continue reading

How can I handle my nerves on the golf course?

The Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea will be coming to a close on Sunday. We watched as the athletes pushed themselves to their physical limits to see if they could perform at their highest level of excellence and … Continue reading

Love vs. heartache in your golf game

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY “In the rounds of golf where you are in the zone and everything seems to flow in perfect order, your heart rhythms, blood pressure, and brain waves are entrained, or in sync. When you have a passionate … Continue reading

How can I develop self-confidence to play golf at my best in tournaments?

Competitions in the 2018 Winter Olympics have started in PyeongChang, South Korea, with the official opening ceremonies tomorrow night. This is a good time to learn from these world-class athletes about how they developed their self-confidence and body confidence to … Continue reading