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What is your attitude on the golf course?

Having a good attitude during a round of golf and in your everyday life is essential for success and happiness. Your attitude is just a habit of thought that you have put into your subconscious mind. Your attitude is reflected … Continue reading

Your Inner Child Determines Your Golf Performance

My self-hypnosis CDs that are most in demand are “Fearless Golf” and “Release from Performance Anxiety.” These two powerful emotions, fear and anxiety, can control our lives and our performances. Golfers are amazed when these emotions pop up in their golf … Continue reading

Keep your mind in the present on the golf course

The first step in learning to concentrate and stay in the present moment with the action is to rewire your brain through changing your thoughts.  The self-talk you have in your head is either voices from your past (fear) that … Continue reading

What are your beliefs that keep you from low golf scores?

What you believe you will produce in your life and in your golf game Are you successful because you believe in yourself, or Do you only believe you are successful when you win? A strong mental game promotes success when … Continue reading

Develop a Consistent Preshot Golf Routine Now

With spring fast approaching, now is the time to prepare for your return to the golf course. Since golf is in large part a mind game, mental skill practice can be done indoors in your own home. In addition to putting on … Continue reading

Anger is an Emotional Golf Hazard

“What do you do when you get angry on the golf course?* Because of the behavior that was acceptable in your early childhood environment, you can express anger in different ways. Road rage and throwing golf clubs are examples. Some … Continue reading

How can I have more fun on the golf course?

“Fun Happens in the Zone State* Do you remember the very first time you hit a perfect golf shot? It probably went straight and far, but I believe the most enjoyment you received from the shot was the awesome feeling … Continue reading

Set Your Goals Now for a Summer of Successful Golf

“Create Your Golf Dreams*  The motivation to excel in golf begins with a dream. For many golfers, their dreams started early in life when they caddied for a parent and fell in love with the game. For others, they realized … Continue reading

Putting penalty eliminated for accidentally moving golf ball

Last January 4-year changes were installed into the Rules of Golf. Effective this January 1, 2017, the USGA has repealed one of its local rules (Rule 18-2). The Local Rule was probably looked at seriously during the U.S. Open at Oakmont … Continue reading


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for continuing to subscribe to my weekly blog of mental golf tips. I appreciate your trust in me and I am committed to providing the best possible information for gaining confidence and lower scores in … Continue reading