Play Golf from your heart, not your head

“Love is what makes the world go around. Love is the most powerful four-letter word in the universe. Love is what makes life worth living. Love is the feeling of the utmost high. To love is to be.

In the world of sport, with all the training and practicing, it is easy to forget why we play our sport. The game of golf is a spiritual excursion into realms of peace and happiness that are unique in all of sport. When you are performing at your ultimate best, it is as if you are riding the flow of energy of the universe. Golf transcends humanity’s earthly value and dwells into the spiritual value4s that harmonize the entire planet. These are values that are inherent in our spiritual nature and were given to us by a power greater than we are.

In the process of learning to perfect our sport, the ego goals of success, money, and power either enhance or overshadow these qualities. To sustain the energy, it is necessary not to look too far ahead, but rather be engrossed in the process of enjoying each moment to its fullest potential. In the4 quiet stillness of our higher minds the answer resides, waiting ever so patiently to be asked for the secrets to unlock the mysteries of life. It is the same in sport.

Golf is a metaphor for the adventure of our life. As the journey begins there is apprehension about the trip, the destination, the adventures along the way, and the arrival at the ultimate destination. Depending on the guidance of the skipper, the journey may be full of pitfalls or as smooth as sailing on a calm lake. The power is given to us to make a choice in either direction and to carry out our decision. It doesn’t matter to the giver of the power. The energy is pumped through the brain to analyze and then sent to the heart to discern and be released into the outer physical manifestation.

At any time, for any reason, this energy of love and caring can be pulled from the source for our use. To do that one only needs to ask and to let go of all judgment and expectation of the answer and to trust in the outcome. And so it is when you make a hole-in-one. Because you were not consciously planning and controlling it, you attribute it to luck or chance. In reality, because you were focused on the act itself, your judgment and expectation did not interfere and the shot was manifested.

When a golfer is playing at a high level of performance, the mind and heart are in sync. EKG and EEG electrical waves would show entrainment. Remember what you love about playing this game. Remember the good feeling inside your heart when you are playing “out of your mind.” Your golf swing is powerful, yet easy and effortless, and you are having fun in the search for the mystical power of the Holy Grail… the perfect golf shot.”

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*Excerpts are from Chapter 19; The Heart Connection; “THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances” now available on

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