Envision 2017 as Your Game-Changing Year

Beginning a new year is an opportunity to start over by making changes in your mental golf game. It is an opportunity to reflect on the past year’s performances and to set new goals for how you would like your game to be in the upcoming year.

“Determine Your Intention* 

The first introspective thing you need to do in creating a purposeful mental golf game is to look at why you play golf. What is your intention?

Your desire to play great golf moves the energy, and your intention sets its form. Without intention, desire is just an awareness of your dreams without the belief that it can happen. When you set your intention for it to happen, it gets put into the form to begin fulfillment of what you have asked for. Through your belief in your power you move the energy.

Golfers often lose sight of their original intent and let other things distract them, such as friendly advice, equipment advertising, studying or talking too much instruction, or media hype.

Golf is not really about winning and losing. Ego is about winning and losing. Golf is about yourself and how to become successful. Golf is a metaphor for empowerment, a metaphor for concentration, and a metaphor for the power we all have but don’t think we do.

We are responsible for creating our lives. Now is the time to use your free will to make the choices that will produce the results you desire. While we are thinking about a problem we cannot truly experience happiness.

Results aren’t always in line with our expectations due to thinking about one thing and intending another. If you intend to hit the ball straight down the middle and are thinking about the fairway bunker or lateral water hazard on the right, the result will be to hit the ball into the bunker or water hazard.

The principle of intention shows us that the results aren’t the problem. Become aware of your intention, and you create a different outcome. This means doing only those things that come from the truth of who you are. Whatever your situation is right now, you have played a major role in setting it up. You have created your circumstances. With every experience you alone are creating your golf game, thought by thought and choice by choice. And beneath each of those thoughts and choices lies your deepest intention.”

*Excerpts are from Chapter 1: Create Your Intention; “THE HEART OF GOLF,

Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances”

now available on www.createspace.com/6307102

 All royalties will be donated to Junior Golf!

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  1. Kay Rawle says:

    Reading The Heart of Golf now. Also took first lesson in a long while. My intention is golf is a challenge and puzzle I enjoy with or without others but I do want to make a plan to get better. Thanks for your sharing and caring about others.

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