How can I have more fun on the golf course?

“Fun Happens in the Zone State*

Do you remember the very first time you hit a perfect golf shot? It probably went straight and far, but I believe the most enjoyment you received from the shot was the awesome feeling in your heart. The feeling was so powerful that you were hooked. You wanted to feel it again. You were totally connected to your whole being. The feeling could be analogous to when your newly born child or grandchild holds your little finger in his or her little fist, and you are hooked for life. You can never have too much awareness of what you are feeling and who you really are.

Being in what athletes call the zone means moving into total acceptance, total peace, total awareness, and total love. Then you are in the flow of the universe, being one with the All, the nirvana experience of indescribable ecstasy. Because there is always balance in the universe, you cannot stay in this state forever.

Balance occurs in the present moment. It is up to you to move through your process of going in and out of balance. Just like a gymnast on a balance beam, you may occasionally wobble or fall, but you can continue to find your balance. Knowing this you will seek to create the flow state again and again.

To be aware in the present moment means to access all your senses to experience yourself and your activity fully. When you are playing golf at your peak performance level, you are totally engaged in the process of making the shot happen exactly as you planned it. It is all within you. The outer physical shot is just a mirror of what is going on within, What you focus your attention on is what you hold dear to you and is then what you create.

Playing a game of golf in the zone state is like being totally engrossed in a spellbinding movie that has absorbed your entire attention. The result is that you are not distracted by anything outside of you. To be in the zone, you have to have relaxed concentration.

Just as a movie has a story line to hold your attention, your golf swing has a preshot routine to move your attention inside.

A movie uses music to heighten your awareness. In the golf swing, rhythm and tempo bring the feeling and balance.

A good movie holds your attention by triggering your emotions. You access your best golf swings by remembering the exciting feeling of fulfilling successful shots.”

*Excerpts are from Chapter 4: The Zone State; “THE HEART OF GOLF,  Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances”

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