Keep your mind in the present on the golf course

The first step in learning to concentrate and stay in the present moment with the action is to rewire your brain through changing your thoughts. 

The self-talk you have in your head is either voices from your past (fear) that you have chosen to replay on the tape in your head, or thoughts of the future (anxiety) that you expect to happen. Either self-talk will sabotage your golf game.

We have all been conditioned to limit ourselves. We need to change self-limiting beliefs.

The secret for success is believing in yourself!

“The Internal Mind Chatter*

Self-talk is the internal conversation we have with ourselves. Our words affect how we think, how we feel, and how our bodies perform. You can feel calm or fearful depending on what you tell yourself. Your self-talk can influence your self-esteem, outlook, energy level, performance, relationships, and even your health depending on how you handle stressful situations.

The human mind is very busy. Most of us have constant mental chatter going on in our heads. We talk to ourselves all day long, and unfortunately, this self-talk is frequently negative. Often it is tainted with the fear about what we have done in the past happening again, such as hitting a ball into the water, or anxiety (the what ifs) about what we think might happen, like hitting out of bounds on a tight hole. Either self-talk will sabotage your golf game. This negativity can destroy any seed of hope that you may otherwise have in striving for your dreams.

Every choice you make moves you closer to or farther away from success. When you put your thoughts in the negative, you are moving away from your goal. Are you saying yes or no to your choices?

To be successful on the golf course, you must train yourself to substitute positive goal-enhancing thoughts for every thought of fear or anxiety that surfaces. By repeating this process, you can make this a mental habit that will move you toward obtaining your goals. Your mind and physical body will then be freer to play the game of golf.

Program your self-talk toward what you want instead of away from what you don’t want. If you tell yourself not to miss another shot, your subconscious mind will reinforce the missed shot. What you resist, persists. This is called negative hypnotic programming. Focus your dominant thought on what you can do right now.”

*Excerpts are from Chapter 5: Positive Self-Talk; “THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances”

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