Your Inner Child Determines Your Golf Performance

My self-hypnosis CDs that are most in demand are “Fearless Golf” and “Release from Performance Anxiety.” These two powerful emotions, fear and anxiety, can control our lives and our performances. Golfers are amazed when these emotions pop up in their golf games later on in life. The messages given to us in our childhood of lack and limitation are lodged in our subconscious mind. Peak performances are attained when these beliefs are changed by reparenting yourself.

“Your Inner Child*

Golfers who come to me for help with their mental golf game aren’t aware of the childhood programming that is still controlling their lives.

The inner child is a powerful psychological reality. The destructive programming you took in as a child is now an unconscious part of yourself that can be triggered on the golf course.

As we grow into adulthood, our inner child’s capacity for joy and playfulness is stifled by listening to a society that tells us to act otherwise. Adults tend to believe they have outgrown their childhood fears, angers, traumas, and hurts. These memories and emotions are still active in your unconscious mind unless you have reparented your inner child with the protection of unconditional love and acceptance.

When you are feeling anxious, afraid, or not good enough on the golf course, you are tapping into the emotions of your dissociated inner child. We look for what is missing inside by seeking it in the outside world.

Why is it that achieving in sports is so important?

As adults we can’t expect golf or other people to fill this inner need. When we truly accept and nurture our wounded inner child we will play with our full potential.

Pro golfers who were given an affirming, safe environment to grow up in are Jack Nicklaus, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, and others. These professional golfers were affirmed as children, and they learned early that there was no limit to what they could accomplish.

I used to have thoughts of authority in my head all the time. I came from an environment of perfectionism where nothing I did was good enough. I thought everyone’s goal was to be the All-American Hero and be perfect. As a result I spent the first forty-eight years of my life looking at what was wrong with me and trying to correct it. I no longer allow any of those thoughts in my head an accept myself as the unique person that I am.

We have all been conditioned to limit ourselves unless we received unconditional acceptance of who we are. All children require is to be loved and accepted just a they are, and they will perform at the peak potential of their God-given talents.

Colin Montgomerie has struggled with winning over his entire career. After he shot a 76 during the 1997 British Open at Royal Troon, his father, James Montgomerie, club secretary, told his son Colin, ‘You’ve let your family down, you’ve let your town down…in fact, you’ve let your country down.’

Criticism leads to guilt, which is the precursor to perfectionism.”

*Excerpts are from Chapter 9: Performance Anxiety; “THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances”

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