Do you need help with your mental golf game?

It has been my pleasure to share my insights into the mental game of golf from decades of research and personal experience from competing in national and international amateur women’s golf championships.

The information I have written about is entirely about the mental-emotional-spiritual aspects to the game of golf because I believe that knowing your inner self is the secret to great golf. There is no information about the mechanical parts of the golf swing.

My main purpose in starting my business was to promote the game as a way to have fun which then resulted in lower scoring. I have found that the best way to do this is to show you the steps you need to learn to access “the zone state” where the game is easy and you play your best without effort.

If you haven’t visited the website lately, I would like to invite you to log on at The PMI website is dedicated to you and to your self-awareness for success in performing at your peak performance level on the golf course.

On the website you will find:

  • Q&A from my clients about mental golf that you have always wondered about.
  • 18 published articles about different facets of the mind game.
  • 183 monthly mental golf newsletters from 1999-2017.
  • 7 self-hypnosis golf CDs to improve your mental game.

New information about the mental game of golf is added weekly on the PMI blog. You can access all the weekly mental golf tips blogs from 2011-2017 at Each blog and newsletter have a title along with the date so you can easily find the information you require.

I have produced eight self-hypnosis imagery golf CDs that were requested by my clients to power up their mental beliefs and attitudes. They are available at  The cost of the CDs has not changed since 1992. For more personalized help, I create a 30-minute personalized self-hypnosis CD for you to overcome your blocks and regain the confidence in the game you know you are capable of.

Also at the request of my clients I have published “THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances”  that guides you through the learning levels necessary to put you into the zone state of euphoria where you play from your heart for peak performances that occur without the struggle, thinking or effort. All royalties will be donated to Junior Golf. It is available at and

If you aren’t able to maintain a positive mental attitude on the golf course, email me at or call 828.696.2547 for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation about developing a new strategy. Learn what is missing in your golf game so you can achieve the success you desire. Ask about my 4 C’s program to overcome a lack of Control, Confidence, Concentration, and Consistency in your golf game.

Play “in the zone” with Joan

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