How did Jordan Spieth pull off a miracle win at The Open?

The inner conversation you have with yourself determines whether you will be successful or not.

After winning The British Open at Royal Birkdale on Sunday, Jordan Spieth described his conversation with himself; “Before the round, I thought I have a reputation that I was able to close, but I was hesitant to saying ‘majors’ to myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself unfortunately, and not on purpose, before the round today, just thinking this is the best opportunity I have had since the 2016 Masters.” (He lost a 5-stroke lead with nine holes to play.)

“And if it weren’t going to go my way today, then all I am going to be questioned about and thought about and murmured about is in comparison to that, and that adds a lot of pressure to me,” he said.  In his first four holes on Sunday, Spieth bogeyed three of them. Jordan said that it wasn’t easy because his three-foot putts looked like ten-footers.

Michael, Michael, Michael 

Jordan’s caddy, Michael Greller, took him aside on the 7th hole and reminded him of his July 4th Mexico vacation with Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps. Greller told Jordan that he belonged in that group. He said, “You’re that caliber athlete but I need you to believe that. This is a new tournament. We’re starting over here.”

At the 13th hole Jordan fell behind one stroke for the first time in the tournament when he drove his ball 100 yards right of the fairway, on the practice range. With poise and determination he pulled off a miraculous bogey and his belief in himself kicked in. He almost holed out his approach shot on 14, making birdie. He eagled 15 and birdied 16 to win the Claret Jug and The Open crown by three strokes.

Afterward, Spieth said, “Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps are the greatest to ever do what they did, and I’m not.”

And then Jordan described his self-transformation as, “But if you believe that you are, then you are almost as good as being that. And it is so hard in that situation to believe that, but just having the slightest bit of belief in it makes you so confident.”

Question Your Beliefs 

What you believe is what you will produce in your life.

Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our habits, and our habits create our lives.  Unfortunately, many of these thoughts and beliefs do not align with our purpose for experiencing ourselves or our path to success.  Change your beliefs to accept what it is you truly desire even though you haven’t had certain proof.

The Swedish Golf Federation formed their highly successful mental golf program around the belief that it is possible to shoot a perfect score of 54.  While it hasn’t been done yet, the Swedes (and others) are known for believing that it can be done.

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