Mental conditioning for consistent golf game scores

There are many factors that make up a consistent round of golf such as desire, realistic expectations, patience, and confidence in your ability to perform. Players who are consistent in the way they live their lives off the golf course will usually hit more fairways and greens than players who like to “grip it and rip it.”

First, if you are a person who likes action rather than routine, you will need to change your thoughts, attitudes, and actions to enjoy consistency rather than excitement. Practice swinging with a relaxed grip and a swing that is 80% of your power.

Instead of trying to hit the longest drive of your life on each hole, set a goal for yourself such as hitting 8 or 9 fairways. Rather than trying to get the most out of your club each time, take one more club and swing smoothly to ensure hitting the greens. Aim for the center of the green for more consistent results.

Secondly, practice your short game more than your long game. Having confidence in recovering and getting the ball up and down from off-fairway lies will make your scores more consistent. Keep track of the number of putts you take per round. Focus on pitching closer for more one-putt opportunities.

Consistency comes from perfect practice. The only place you can practice perfectly is in your mind. It is called Mental Rehearsal. 90 percent of Olympic athletes use mental imagery to entrain their minds and bodies. Scientists have found that practicing this way will improve your golf swing because your mind is actually programming your muscles as you imagine or visualize hitting the perfect shot.

Before going to the first tee, imagine playing the first two or three holes the way you would like to. On the practice range, hit the clubs you have imagined that will produce the score you desire. This will prepare your mind and body to get ready to be “in the game” of scoring instead of trying to control your golf swing.

Third, schedule 10-15 minutes a few times a week for mental practice time. Or, rehearse your swing and game as you drift off to sleep. Your unconscious mind will have all night to enforce your programming. In your mental rehearsal, swing, strike and imagine only your best shots. Use your imagination to visualize, feel and even hear the sounds of the perfect round for yourself.

Lastly, the best state to be in for peak performances is to have a relaxed body and alert mind. Taking deep breaths during your pre-shot routine will relax your body and slow down your busy thinking, analyzing mind for increased focus on creating the shot you desire.

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