Fall is a wonderful time to play golf

Fall is a beautiful time of year here in western North Carolina. It is magical to see the green leaves reaching their peak colors of red, yellow, orange and gold before they begin to fall to the ground. Fall golf always reminds me of looking for my golf ball in the piles of leaves. With the advent of the leaf blower that is no longer necessary.

Fall is a wonderful color painting of nature on a grand scale.  As the weather turns cooler the dog days of summer have been replaced and we have a renewed energy and a spring in our steps. There are fall street festivals in abundance here for enjoying the cooler sunny temperatures.

As the summer golf tournament season comes to a close, I hope you can enjoy your rounds of golf by taking in this beauty in the quiet of nature. Release all thoughts in your mind to give you a new perspective to see things that you had not noticed before.

Release all the self-imposed feelings of anxiety, apathy, hopelessness, embarrassment, guilt, failure, judgment, frustration and limitation which are only fear thoughts arising from your ego thinking that put you on the defensive. Quiet your inner and outer minds by releasing the fears, behaviors, and beliefs that keep you habitually returning to old ways of not allowing your success. Choose to play the game of golf with the passion you wish to experience.

If you have an active mind and are prone to performance anxiety, use your imagination to relax your mind between shots with pleasant images of things you like. You are limited only by your own interests and imagination. Make it enjoyable using details of seeing, hearing and feeling the activity. Fred Couples has relaxed using images of himself lying on his sofa with a remote control in his hand.

All golfers are familiar with the saying “paralysis by analysis.” When you are thinking about how to swing your club, you are not playing the game of golf. You are playing practice range golf. The key to playing good golf is to trust all the practice and training you have done to create your golf swing.

Stop thinking and allow your subconscious mind to take over your swing. Trust your swing in the same way you learned to trust riding a bike or driving a car or tying your shoelaces. Clear your mind of technique thoughts. Clear your mind of all interfering thoughts. Develop a pre-shot routine that will prepare you to stop thinking when you are over the ball.

Breathe deeply to be in the moment and live your life fully. Experience your body joyfully and completely.

Enrich your spirit by knowing that you are enough and that you do have enough abilities and qualities to manifest your dreams.

Be fearless, trust, love, and be happy as you play your way around the golf course.

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