Indecision is a mental challenge for golfers

The decisions we make in our lives reflect the choices we make. This is especially true on the golf course. Although we have hit each club in the bag hundreds of times, every situation on the course requires a new decision.

Indecision is the enemy of golfers 

Golfers know that being indecisive usually causes missed shots and putts. When your mind says one thing and your heart (feeling) says another that is indecision and doubt. In the full swing, indecision causes you to swing harder and faster, thus losing your rhythm. When putting, indecision brings on the dreaded decel; deceleration of the putter stroke causes the ball to veer off line.

Indecision will sabotage your shot

Suppose that you have decided that it is a 5-iron that you need to hit to the green. If you had hit over the green into trouble the last time you hit that club, you probably will experience some fear and will think about hitting a 6-iron. Or you think the distance is between clubs and you don’t have confidence in either club. Fear is always an emotion experienced in the past. The power of a fear thought limits your willingness to trust yourself.

Choose to use a decisive thought for good results

You must believe that the club in your hand is the right one for the shot you are about to hit. If you are unsure, act as if it is the right one. This will shut out the self-talk doubt and fear thoughts and give a powerful, decisive message to your subconscious mind about what you want to happen.

A golf swing happens now in the present. Don’t bring past fears or future anxieties of what might happen into your pre-shot routine. Be decisive. If you believe it is the right club you have a much better chance of creating a good swing. Brad Faxon said: “It’s more important to be decisive than correct.” If you are decisive……….you are correct.

Choose to use positive words for good results

One of the options to use when you are inbetween clubs is to shorten your grip on the club which shortens the length of the swing. Golfers say that they choke down on the club in this situation. Your unconscious mind will interpret this as strangling/squeezing the life out,  which will cause you to grip the club tighter. Your subconscious mind is very susceptible to suggestion. Be careful of the words you use in your golf vocabulary as they will directly impact your results.

Choose to use positive affirmations for good results

As you look down the fairway visualizing a perfect shot with the perfect club, fire in your affirmation. Remember that an affirmation is always stated in the present, such as, “I am swinging with ease and confidence,” or “I am hitting the ball at my target,” or “I am positive this is the best club for this shot.”

Harvey Penick was quoted saying, “Once you address the golf ball, hitting it has to be the most important thing in your life at that moment. Shut out all thoughts other than picking out a target and taking dead aim at it.”

Choose to create your success anew

Success is never the same two rounds in a row. One day you might have a hole-in-one, and the next day you might be successful scoring lower than you did with the hole-in-one.

Success will give you confidence, but success is fleeting. You have to start over again in the next round. Instead of trying to duplicate your success, be decisive, have patience, enjoy the moment, and watch miracles happen.

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