How do I regain my confidence when I am playing golf poorly?

Most people think that confidence only comes from playing well. Since no one plays well all of the time, there are other strategies to develop self-confidence. Golf confidence is developed by feeling good about your abilities and in believing that you can improve.

What produces a lack of confidence?

When the “wheels come off” and you lose your confidence, it is natural to think about your mistakes and to try and correct them. When you stop thinking positive thoughts and focus on what isn’t working, the emotions of anxiety and fear take over. You are then in a state of fear concentration instead of confident concentration.

Build your golf confidence with good mental skills 

Playing golf involves both physical and mental abilities. There have been many times when you played beyond your own expectations. You were the producer of all those great rounds and successes.

To be confident and play your best, you have to be relaxed and trust your golf swing. Deep breathing will help you relax. It takes considerable practice to be able to trust your swing mechanics. Act “as if” you are confident and you will begin to experience those feelings.

Here are five mental golf strategies to practice for developing and enhancing golf confidence:

  1. Increase your ability to remain calm, relaxed and focused during play and your confidence will increase. As you maintain this self control you will begin to believe that you can play well.
  2. Trust the abilities that you have. Practice having more confidence in your game than doubts. Use your imagination to see yourself being successful. “Seeing is believing.” The more you imagine the shots you want, the more confident you will be that you can execute them.
  3.  Release all conscious judgment of your ball striking. Believe that you can execute what you have learned. Trust that you can continue to play well by having fun. Enjoy your success without judging how you are doing it! 
  4. Keep your self-talk encouraging. Stay focused and confident by repeating positive affirmations to yourself constantly on the golf course. Affirm that you believe in yourself and in your ability to play well. Affirm that you are going to really enjoy hitting each shot. 
  5.  Respond in a positive way to mistakes. Don’t doubt your ability when you make an occasional mistake. Accept your mistakes and concentrate on recovering with the next shot. Stay in the present by giving every shot your full attention as if it is the most important shot of the day. 

“Play In the Zone” With Joan

There will be no post next week as I will be on vacation. For additional tips to improve your mental golf game, read the Archived Newsletters on the Positive Mental Imagery website.

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