Do you have the confidence to win your big golf tournament?

Confidence is your ability to like yourself no mater how well you are playing. Because golf can be a humbling game, you need higher than average self-esteem to survive the ups and downs inherent in the sport. Good self-esteem enables you to retain confidence when there is adversity.

Self-esteem or self-confidence is the relationship you have with yourself; how you see yourself and what you are thinking and saying about yourself and your ability to succeed. Confidence is a state of being certain of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Self-esteem is having full trust and reliance in yourself. When you have a high level of self-esteem you will be confident, motivated, happy and have a positive attitude to succeed. Low self-esteem is reinforced by thinking negatively, criticizing your performance, or by listening to others who criticize you.

Mental Training for Building Confidence 

Most golfers aren’t aware of how much their golf games can improve with mental coaching.

Your golf game like everything else, responds to your attitudes, beliefs, words and your energy. Old, outdated beliefs create conflict and indecision. When you shift your limiting beliefs to positive empowering ones, it will be reflected in your physical game.

Mental training to build confidence is an ongoing process of learning to understand and control your emotions and your mind’s influence on your performances. When you are in a good state, good happens, when you are in a negative state, mistakes happen.

Master Positive Mental Skills Easily with Self-Hypnosis CDs

Hypnosis is used by Pro Tour golfers and other world class athletes to enhance their athletic performances. It is the easiest, quickest and most proven way to great mental golf.

About 90 percent of the thoughts we think about today are the same ones we had yesterday. Our poor golf games are still dominated by negative thoughts and feelings learned in our past and enhanced by our golfing environment. Hypnotic suggestion can help you program new ideas for success in your golf game.

Following are Positive Mental Imagery self-hypnosis CDs available at  that will help you with positive suggestions and guided imagery to develop confidence in yourself and your abilities to access your peak golf performances under pressure.

  • Replace all negative thinking with positive thoughts & images

“Self Hypnosis for Playing “In the Zone”  CD

  • Slow Down Your Breathing to relax and focus

       “Progressive Relaxation of the Mind & Body” CD

  • Change your focus from conditions outside you to inside

      “Concentration for Consistent Golf” CD

  • Trust in your ability to make a smooth swing/putt

       “Confident Putting for Lower Scores” CD

  • Replace your fears with empowering self-talk

       “Fearless Golf” CD

  • Release all thoughts about the outcome of the game

     “Release from Performance Anxiety” CD

Believe in your ability and your potential

    “Confidence to Win Golf Tournaments” CD

  • Access your own internal rhythm for success under pressure  

“Master Your Short Game for Low Scores” CD

Repetition is the key to mastering mental and physical skills. By listening to a CD repeatedly, the positive suggestions and imagery will be anchored into your subconscious memory bank for easy access on the golf course.

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Play “in the zone” with Joan

Entrain Your Heart & Mind for Peak Performances

To train your brain to play your best golf, listen to Positive Mental Imagery self-hypnosis guided imagery CDs in the privacy of your own home; available at

If you aren’t able to maintain trust and belief in yourself on the golf course, email Joan at or call 828.696.2547 for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation about developing a new strategy. Learn what is missing in your golf game so you can achieve the success you desire.

“THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances explores and explains negative emotions such as fear and performance anxiety, the four Cs of mind blockage, the four progressive stages of learning the supreme intelligence of the heart, and the way to access the zone in competition. It is a player’s guide for developing your true inner self by returning to the joy and love of self instead of seeking praise and rewards from the outside world.

“THE HEART OF GOLF” guide book for transforming your life and golf game

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