A Leap Year is a year where a day is added to the shortest month; February 29. Because of this extra day, this year will have 366 days instead of 365, one extra day to play golf. This extra day has to be added every four years to keep our Gregorian calendar (365 days) in alignment with the earth’s revolutions (365.25) around the sun.

February is a unique month in our calendar. Not only is it the shortest month, Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th in the middle of the month. Valentine hearts remind us that love is the greatest emotion that brings us joy and excitement. This is a good time to remember why we love to play golf. A change of heart changes everything.

Here are some of the reasons my clients have told me why they love to play golf.

  • Golf is a fun game to play.
  • Golf is a game they can play by themselves or with others.
  • Golf is a common social bond among all who play the game.
  • Golf is a game played outdoors in the beauty of nature.
  • Golf is a game that challenges them against the golf course and others.
  • Golf is a game that moves them into an inner state of focus.
  • Golf is played in a peaceful setting that relaxes them.
  • Golf reinforces confidence in themselves and in their abilities.
  • Golf teaches valuable life skills like patience, responsibility, self-love.
  • Golf is a game of honor.
  • Golf mirrors the game of life.
  • Golf is a sport that can be played for life.
  • Golf is the most difficult sport that keeps them playing for the perfect shot.
  • Playing golf “in the zone” is the same feeling as when a person is “in love.” What can you add to this list? What do you love about playing golf?




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