February 2022 is full of sport competitions. The Winter Olympics are well underway, the iconic Pebble Beach Pro-Am has declared a winner, the PGA Tour is on its way to Scottsdale for the WM Phoenix Open and then on to Florida as is the LPGA, and the Super Bowl LVI is this Sunday. February 13th. There are multiple opportunities to see world class athletes in action.

What are these athletes thinking when they perform?

A good example is 22-year-old ice skating phenom Nathan Chen. In the 2018 Olympics, Chen, the only undefeated men’s skater in the world that year, ended up In 17th place after falling on the triple axel, turning one of his vaunted quads into a double and failing to add a triple toe loop on the end of his first quad.

In an interview Chen said that in chasing his dream of winning a gold medal, he was timid, cautious, and afraid to make a mistake. “As soon as the Olympic team was announced, I thought, oh my gosh it’s what I wanted but I don’t know if I’m ready for it.

That doubt and fear continued to creep in over the month heading to the 2018 Games, and it all culminated in the two short programs that I had.”

At the current Olympics, Chen has changed his life; changed his skating; and changed his mind set into confidence; “I want to definitely be able to embrace the Games in a different way. Yes, this is a pretty stressful time, but at the same time, there’s a lot more to life. There’s so much more than this individual competition, than this one shot.” Rather than allowing the pressure to weigh him down, he’s reminding himself to enjoy every moment and appreciate the opportunity and experiences skating is gifting to him.

Monday night at the 2022 Olympics, Chen, the ‘Quad King’ (he spins his body four times in the air) executed a series of impressive jumps to set a world record and move into first place with a score of 113.97, the highest score ever in a men’s short skating program. Last night he put together a flawless performance in the free skate competition to win the gold medal. He is the first American since 2010 to win a men’s figure skating gold medal.

Your Mind is a Garden,

Your Thoughts are the Seeds.

You can grow Flowers

or weeds.”  – Osho –

 The false belief in lack and limitation

The belief in lack and limitation is part of everyone’s consciousness. To change it we must realize that we are continuing to maintain and sustain it through our belief in it.

1. The first step toward moving into a consciousness of abundance is to get the flow going.      Let go of what no longer serves you. This includes all negative thoughts and emotions        about who you are and what you do.

  1. To have a positive state of consciousness you must first be aware of your negative mindset, know it, and practice a strong affirmations daily until the change is habitual. This is true of your mental practices as well as physical skills.​
  1. Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want! Your mindset is the interpreter of consciousness and will manifest exactly what you believe. Do you say, ‘I can’t,’ or ‘I don’t have,’ or ‘what if my fear happens?’ Instead, affirm yourself by saying ‘I can,’ ‘I have,’ and ‘I am making it happen now.’
  1. To have a positive state of consciousness you must first be aware of your negative mindset, know it, and practice a strong affirmation daily until it is habitual, and your state is neutralized. This is true of your mental practices as well as physical skills.
  1. Understand that nothing in life is fixed. Change the false beliefs that hypnotized you into believing that you were less than unless you conformed to specific societal laws and standards of perfection. Believe in the grand possibilities you can create.
  1. Believe in yourself. When you establish the thoughts that empower you, you will feel better, and you will attract more of the things that will make your life and actions better and better.

When you live from your heart, you connect with your inner guidance system and know that all is well in your world because you trust yourself to act in alignment with your highest good. Accept whatever happens as part of the process toward your own evolution and fulfillment—and that’s where real happiness comes from!

Love is the answer 

Love is what makes the world go around. Love is what makes life worth living. Love is the feeling of the utmost high. Golfers feel this on the golf course when they let go of trying to make things happen, stay in the present moment, and experience the spiritual excursion of being “in the zone.”

Love is who you are. Whenever we disengage the great filter called “self” and lose ourselves in play, we shift our focus from problem solving into larger patterns of connection with unlimited possibilities.

When you let go of judgment and evaluation, what is left is awareness. Awareness is the key to all change. Develop your awareness by using your imagination and intuition to discover your authentic Self.

Love is a force. It is also the pure essence of being. Even after you have stopped playing golf, you will remember with feelings of love the experiences you had that were so exhilarating.

Everything is the universe is connected by love. We are disconnected by fear.

When you play from your heart, you are free and your possibilities are limitless, especially when you least expect them.

Your mission is to discover and embrace the real you, not the person you think you must be to be loved or accepted.

You will have your share of heartache on the golf course, but it doesn’t have to be a negative. See it as another vitally important experience that is useful to learn from.

Then bring your awareness back to your heart, to remember why you love to play this intriguing and seductive game.

Visualize AND feel yourself enjoying playing at your best. Your life and your golf game are miracles waiting to be fully explored and discovered.

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