What is keeping you from playing golf consistently at your personal best?

Your inner child’s mental programming!

For 30 years I have provided information about how to access the zone/flow state because that is where you play at your peak performance levels simply and easily. I have written numerous articles about how your mind works ( This month I will show you what keeps you from being successful in accessing that highest state of being.

Subconscious Programming 

First, you must understand that all of us were programmed by our relationships and surroundings up to the age of seven. In early childhood, a child’s mind accepts all information as true because there aren’t any existing belief systems based on previous experiences that could contradict the new information. The inner child takes in everything literally and stores it in the subconscious mind, Just like your computer, it is garbage in, garbage out (GIGO).

According to Bruce Lipton, PhD, 95% of our life is coming from the programs of how to live life that we get in the first seven years of life. 95% of your life after seven will be based on whatever those programs are. A child doesn’t think consciously until after seven. Before seven everything is recorded just as it is observed, downloading, and learning the multiple thousands of rules. This is how in early childhood you develop the personality and strong beliefs that impact you for the rest of your life.

Data from Harvard University shows the brain develops rapidly during the first years of life. Before children turn 3 years old, they’re already forming 1 million neural connections every minute. After seven you use the other 5% to consciously create but still based on those subconscious patterns.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle stated, “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

If your life is easy, you have programs that support that. If there is anything you have to struggle with to make it happen, it is the result of your programs not supporting that. So, if your golf game isn’t easy and fun, you are sabotaging it with your own childhood programs.

Your Inner Child

The term inner child simply means what being a child meant to you. It is the true heart of your personality that follows you into adulthood. It plays a major role in your health, wealth, happiness, and the time to enjoy it. There is also the hidden part of a person’s personality accompanied by anger, hurt, and fear from childhood experiences.

To heal your inner child, the first step is to become aware of any negative programming your inner child has stored in your subconscious mind that is causing you a problem now. There are rapid change modalities available to reprogram the subconscious mind such as repetition, and hypnosis. Repetition is a conscious act and hypnosis connects directly with the subconscious mind.

Understanding + Experience = Progress

This is why I have created eight self-hypnosis CDs for golfers to change their limiting inner child programs ( that keep them from the joy of playing this wonderful game of golf. By listening repeatedly to the CDs/MP3’s, the imagery (language of the subconscious) and suggestions form new self-affirming neural pathways in the brain.

The Heart of a Child

Have you made peace with your game or are you still questioning your abilities?

The mind can be convinced but the heart has to feel it. Play with the simplicity of the heart of a child. A child doesn’t know but is willing to learn. In the feeling of a full heart, time stands still (the zone state). Let your heart be your guide. Return to your heart, only feel love, let go of the mind. What you think and feel you bring into manifestation.

The heart of a child is simple: no doubts, no questions, just clarity.  That attention, that focus, that simplicity, just focuses in.  You have always had the heart of a child, but it’s been buried by so many rules.  It is time to let go of all the self-limiting rules, and once again let the heart of a child shine.

The process of discovery

Why is the zone considered the biggest mystery in golf?

Why can’t you find it?

Look inside. It has been there all the time. There is no more mystery, no more questions. Let go of analyzing, judgment, and be who you are within your heart. Feel real love. Enjoy your life. Enjoy your golf game. Go within and feel the joy that it brings to you. Discover who you are. Approach with the heart of a child, simple, accepting.

The wonder of your golf game and your life is right in front of you. Don’t let your mind wander away from it. This is not the time to let your ego mind take over and distract you. Stop looking outside of yourself and trust your feeling heart.

Fall in love with what you are doing, with playing golf. If you don’t know how, remember the feeling you had when you hit your first perfect shot. The teen-age golfers in Sweden are taught to carry a picture of someone/something they love. When their golf games go south, they look at the picture to move back into their heart-space and change their state. You carry that love within you wherever you are.

Train yourself to remember what love feels like inside of you when your mind distracts you from what you love doing. What are the distractions? Golf scores, others, fear. You will play your best when you access the heart feeling of peace, joy and love inside you. When you visualize or imagine the shot you want to hit, you are accessing the part of you that feels the joy of creating it. Be in the moment called now.

Play “in the zone” with Joan

Entrain Your Heart & Mind for Peak Performances

To train your brain to believe in positive thoughts and emotions and to play your best golf, you can listen to Positive Mental Imagery self-empowering guided imagery hypnosis CDs in the privacy of your own home. All eight different CDs/ are available now in MP3 form at

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THE HEART OF GOLF, Access Your Supreme Intelligence for Peak Performances” explores and explains negative emotions such as fear and performance anxiety, the four Cs of mind blockage, the four progressive stages of learning the supreme intelligence of the heart, and the way to access the zone in competition. It is a player’s guide for developing your true inner self by returning to joy and love of self instead of seeking praise and rewards from the outside world.

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